Enhancing business efficiency

About us

African solutions for growing African businesses.

Auritah Technology is the front runner in the provision of Software as a Service in Africa, introducing a new approach to IT consumption and productivity that is ideal for entrepreneurs in Africa. Our solutions are easy to use, hardware independent and therefore suitable for mobile users and you can access using old and new devices. We are making IT productivity software readily accessible to small business owners and thereby enabling you to operate a world class enterprise without the overheads normally required for a decent IT system.

Our core business involves aligning IT applications with your business systems and processes in the most natural, user-friendly way, saving you the cost of purchasing and maintaining hardware, as well as the fees required for the services of an IT generalist. We handle all the technicalities of your applications so that you can have an efficient and reliable system.

Boosting growing businesses

Until now, it's only been larger organisations with dedicated IT teams that could afford to run all the applications they need with full back-end IT support. However, our service changes the game by helping businesses of all sizes - from the lone entrepreneur to the small and medium-sized enterprise - maximize their productivity and increase their competitiveness through access to all the software they need in a way that is affordable and transparent. Auritah Technology provides cross-platform functionality and, unlike other larger service providers that provide limited services that require you to be contracted to them and use their hardware, we are a hardwareindependent service provider and require no contractual agreement in advance before we can supply you with a package.

Our Vision

Making IT Services an enabler of business growth in Africa by enhancing business efficiency and agility.

Our Mission