Enhancing business efficiency

Enhancing Business efficiency

Imagine full access to every office productivity tool and file you need on-the-go, from any location and from any internet connectable device nearest to you, without the hassle of ever having to buy or maintain costly applications. Auritah Technology's ground-breaking application delivery model makes consumption of applications possible on any internet enabled device.


With the rise in penetration of broadband across Africa and the drop in prices of all internet enabled devices made it possible to access applications from any location. It is now easier for people on the move and co-workers in different locations to remain productive from anywhere they might be. Auritah Technology's innovative solutions take full advantage of these technologies by enabling boundless productivity, mobility and flexibility to businesses of any size.


We offer easy-on-the-pocket, standard and custom monthly subscriptions that allow you to enjoy uninterrupted use of any business related application you need in a way you've never been able to before and move your business forward. So, instead of paying for expensive applications that you'll never use, we've designed lean packages that include only the applications you need and nothing more.