Enhancing business efficiency

How it works

As easy as flipping a switch.

Through your device, you can access all the applications on your package. Signing up for a package is easy. Simply follow these quick steps:

Full back-end support

Our ground breaking packages deliver all the office and enterprise IT productivity applications you need to move your business forward without the nitty-gritties involved in buying, registering and maintaining the applications yourself. Leave the technicalities and administration aspect of your applications to us - we’ll give you all the productivity tools you require on a single portal which you can access from any internet connectable device. You can access all your files and information anywhere, anytime, and on any device, on demand! It’s like taking your office everywhere you go.

With the Liquid package you will pay nothing more that R150.00 per user per month, we'll walk with your business through all of its growth stages and related IT needs. You can adapt your package at any time to include any new application you might require and can also end your contract at any time without any obligations. Simply give notification and after 7 days, we'll encrypt your data and place it on your own external hard drive.